Free Cash Flow Conversion (Formula and Example)

Formula of free cash flow conversion

Free cash flow conversion is a liquidity ratio used by both investors and the management team to manage cash flow effectively.

Imagine your company has sales that skyrocket, but on the other hand, the company does not have enough funds to pay debts, run the business, and cover expenses.

Here is free cash flow conversion tells us about a company’s effectiveness in converting its profit into cash.

In this article, I’ve included everything related to FCF conversion. So if you want to learn about what FCF conversion is, its formula, how to calculate it, and how to improve it, then you will like this post.

Incremental Cash Flow: Definition, Formula, and Example


Understanding incremental cash flow (ICF) is important for any organization, especially those considering to invest in new projects. Without calculating the cash flow and profitability of a project, a company can lose money.

Here, ICF is a tool to measure the cash flow projection of any project and provide an idea of whether a company should invest in it or not.

In this post, I cover every aspect of incremental cash flow, including essential concepts, real-life examples, and its crucial importance. So let’s explore.

What Is Budgeted Balance Sheet and How to Create It

What is budgeted balance sheet

A budgeted balance sheet is a financial report that projects the future balance sheet of the company, created using a budget.

It tells the company how it will perform in the future and whether it will face any financial issues or experience robust growth.

In this article, we will delve into what a budgeted balance sheet is, its format, how to create it, and provide an example for a deeper understanding.

What is Cash Flow to Creditors {Formula and Example}

Cash flow to creditors formula

Cash flow to creditors is essential for investors, professionals, and creditors. This formula provides insight into the company’s debt and its actual financial position.

This ratio helps the company when applying for a business loan, that the bank can analyze and calculate the CFC formula to ensure how much debt the company has and how much it can afford.

That’s why understanding the cash flow to creditors formula is important. Here, we will discuss what it is, its formula, how to calculate it, and a real-life example.

Price to Free Cash Flow: {Ratio, Formula, & Example}

Price to free cash flow formula

Price to free cash flow is an equity valuation metric that compares a company’s stock price to its free cash flow.

This ratio is mainly used to determine how much liquidity (cash) remains after subtracting operating costs and capital expenditures.

It’s considered more reliable than other metrics, making it important for investors and professionals. Let’s delve deeper.

what is traditional income statement

This post is comprehensive explained about traditional income statement.

It include format and real life examples too.

Traditional income statement is one of the main financial report that give view of loss and profit of the firm.

That’s why need this article, so let’s dive in.